What’s in the course?

Day 1: Introduction to Newsletters

  • What is a Newsletter?
  • The Evolution of Newsletters
  • Overview of Email Newsletter Providers
  • Selecting the Right Provider
  • Homework: Research and compare different email newsletter services.

Day 2: Content Creation

  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Developing a Content Strategy
  • Generating Engaging Content
  • Writing for an Online Audience
  • Homework: Develop a content plan for a month, including audience analysis.

Day 3: Design and Layout

  • The Role of Design in Newsletters
  • Utilising Design Tools
  • Effective Newsletter Layouts
  • Incorporating Visual Elements
  • Homework: Design a mock-up of your newsletter.

Day 4: Writing Techniques

  • Crafting Compelling Headlines
  • Delivering Value in Your Content
  • Storytelling and Personalisation
  • The Importance of Editing
  • Homework: Write an engaging article for your newsletter.

Day 5: Mailing List Management

  • Growing Your Subscriber Base
  • Keeping Subscribers Engaged
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Effective List Management
  • Homework: Develop a strategy for subscriber acquisition and retention.

Day 6: Engagement and Analytics

  • Enhancing Interactivity
  • Fostering Reader Participation
  • Newsletter Analytics
  • Homework: Create a plan to incorporate interactive elements and identify key performance indicators.

Day 7: Monetisation and Growth

  • Monetising Your Newsletter
  • Building Partnerships and Sponsorships
  • Long-Term Strategies for Newsletter Growth
  • Homework: Develop a monetisation and growth strategy

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