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Hey there fellow creators and welcome to the first issue of Creator Central. Every two weeks I write about topical areas in the Creator Economy as well as how to get started (or continue) with your content creation.

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Another year has passed us by. It’s now 2024 and we’ve all got those New Year resolutions.

  • I’ll go to the gym more.
  • I’ll see my extended family more.
  • I’ll spend more time with my friends.
  • I’ll eat healthier.
  • I’ll lose 10kgs / 20kgs or more.

All these resolutions come down to one thing. More time. You want more time to be able to spend at the gym, with family or friends. More time to cook healthier foods and more time to sleep.

I implore you to add one more thing to your list. Then move it to the top. I want you to commit to creating more than you consume.

What do I mean by that? Why would you do that?

You’ll thank me in a year from now if you stick to it. Seriously, you will.

Create more than you consume.

We all use our phones more and more. Sure, we block notifications these days but we still doom scroll. We might listen to podcasts. We might watch YouTube channels.

We’re consumers. To be able to consume, people need to create. I want you to think about shifting the balance of the scales from consuming to creating.

This means if you spend 1 hour watching TV, spend 2 hours working on your new website or blog or newsletter.

Why be a creator?

Here’s the thing. The creator economy is going crazy right now. More and more people are realising that you can earn a (very good) living online being a creator.

Source: Stripe

If you feel like you have a face for radio (you don’t) you can still create in other ways

  • Start a podcast
  • Start a Newsletter (like this one)

You can even join the Creator Economy without directly being a creator by offering things like YouTube video editing.

The creator road is long 🛣️

Before you commit to being a creator. The road is long. It might take a year (or more) of consistent content creation to start seeing results.

That’s where I can help. Every two weeks I’ll be covering content creation, audience growth and monetisation.

Sound good? You know what to do.


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