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In this issue I wanted to distill down SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for content creators and how you can start writing seo articles that bring you more traffic to your website.

If you want to grow your audience, then creating content that is seo optimised is a solid first step to take.

Start growing your traffic with seo articles
Getting started with SEO for this site

Why SEO optimised content matters?

What’s the point in having a newsletter sign up form or a product to sell if you aren’t bringing any traffic to your website. You bring traffic to your website through writing seo optimized content (amongst other things).

Which SEO tools should I use?

As a content creator, running a website on WordPress I use a combination of two things and I’ll go into each of those in this issue of the newsletter.

Tool #1: Mangools – keyword research

Doing seo without content is practically impossible. So when you’re thinking about what you should write about – do some keyword research. I’ve just done some for this seo article which made me change my initial title idea.

Image showing seo for content creators and how it ranks.
Interestingly – there was no search volume for my initial title

Why did I choose Mangools? It’s more affordable than ahrefs and I like the UI. It’s the same team behind uptimerobot and I think they make beautiful looking websites with a lot of great content supporting the product.

Tool #2: A WordPress SEO plugin

I’m still dipping my toe into this one but I’m giving Rank Math a try. It seems nice so far and I particularly like how it grades my content as I write it and gives me things to fix along the way.

There’s some things I’m not 100% on, e.g. I don’t think every article needs to be 2,500+ words in length to rank highly.

Does content length matter for SEO articles?

What I do like is that each “Error” has a useful tooltip article attached to it where I can read more and learn more about what I should be doing.

Creating content around your product, whether guides or support documentation will really help in the long run.


What else for good SEO content

1. Additional content

You may have noticed that since the last issue I’ve added a new section to this site called Articles. This is so I can start producing additional content that’s not emailed out but I can start aiming for particular keywords or audiences to bring them to the site.

I’m creating content there that I can share, that’s topical (e.g. Awesome Motive acquiring Groove) and more importantly that I’m passionate about.

If you write amazing seo content but don’t share it anywhere or build backlinks to it then you’ll be sitting on empty traffic for longer than you’d like. You can #buildinpublic over on Twitter but if you don’t actually share your content – it’s unlikely to gain any backlinks.

If you don’t actually share your content – it’s unlikely to gain any backlinks


Building backlinks is a big enough topic for a newsletter issue in itself.

3. Faster websites

Shameless promotion here, but without a fast website you can get stuck in the mud. Some things I do here when creating content for SEO is:-

  • I made sure my images are around 900px wide.
  • I’ll compress them through tinyPNG so they’re light.
  • I’ll rename them from screenshot-10308308-209.png to seo-articles.png for example.

On top of that, I’ll run Jetpack Boost on my site and WP Super Cache to do some caching of content.

4. Google Search console

Finally, I’ll use Google Search console and make sure I’ve submitted my sitemap.xml. I have this all setup through the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin which is super easy to get started with and I see the dashboard every time I log in to my website.

Want to learn more?

This is a heavily diluted down article on seo optimised content – if you want to learn more checkout the very detailed guide on SEO for beginners by Mangools.

That’s all for this issue of the Newsletter – catch you in the next one.

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