Aspirational Interviews with Entrepreneurs

In this article of Creator Central, my newsletter on content creation, I’m covering why you may want to start featuring interviews with Entrepreneurs on your site.

But wait, if every site out there starts interviews with entrepreneurs we’ll all be reading about the same stuff, right?

Wrong. You’re in luck – there are plenty of entrepreneurs you can interview.

There are approximately 594 million entrepreneurs in the world in 2023, which is around 7.4% of the total population. This is a 2.1% increase from the 582 million estimated in 2020.


Why interviews with Entrepreneurs

Featuring interviews with entrepreneurs on your site opens up a world of insights, experiences, and stories, helpful for inspiring and educating your audience.

Every entrepreneur’s journey is a unique blend of challenges and lessons learned, making each interview a fresh piece of content. You can even create them as case studies on your YouTube channel

Such interviews not only offer a personal touch, showcasing the human side behind the brand or idea, but they can also foster a sense of community, connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with role models and mentors.

Entrepreneurial interviews so far

I’ve done a couple of interviews so far on my site, you can see them below

I’ll be doing more of these over the coming months and if you want to be kept up to date you can subscribe to this Newsletter where I’ll be adding a round-up section every fortnight of new interviews that I’ve had.

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Looking wider outside of this site, there’s a bunch of interviews on what I found including all the stories over on the indie hackers website which has been locked down behind a paywall.

How do you find people to interview

I also wanted to touch on how you’d go about finding people to interview. For me, I like to reach out to people in my network on Twitter to begin with.

These are people I feel like I’m friends with and wouldn’t mind being featured over here. It’s not cold DMs

Good interview questions for entrepreneurs

What questions to ask people you want to interview depends on the direction you take. The questions will change for each person and you need to do a bit of research first. Ask yourself these questions

  • What’s the career arc of this person.
  • What product are they working on now, what’s been their standout product in the past?
  • Are they an expert in their field or are they just starting out (both are good).
  • What do they wish they knew [x] years ago when they got started.
  • What would they wish they could do more of?
  • What’s next in their sights? What can readers get excited about.
  • How can people learn more about them and where can they follow them.

It’s important to not go over the top with too many questions and always try and think of whether the person reading the interview at the other end will get value from the time spent and the words on the page.

Wrapping up

In summary, I personally think that including interviews on your website is great for a number of reasons

  • Mixes the content up a bit on your site.
  • Gives readers something to come back for, more value.
  • Helps you practice your outreach skills and make new friends.
  • Is a good thing for Entrepreneurs to do as they’ll get a back link and some publicity.

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