Ten Content Creation ideas for Beginners

Ten content creation ideas for beginners – In this article of Creator Central, my newsletter on content creation I’m taking a look into content creation options for beginners. What options are out there for you and which should you focus on if just getting started. How you should create a habit and I ask you what’s stopping you from creating more content.

10 ideas for content creation

Content Creation – it’s a wide reaching term. What does it mean and what does it cover. Here’s ten areas that fall under content creation. I’m sure there’s one of these which you can tackle to help you get your toes wet in content creation.

If you already are creating content through something like a digital product – you can beef up the marketing around it by blogging, starting a YouTube channel or posting on Social media all about it.

  1. Blogging: Creating personal or professional posts on specialized topics to share expertise or experiences.
  2. Video Production: Crafting engaging videos for platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or social media channels.
  3. Podcasting: Producing audio content on various subjects for listeners to stream or download.
  4. Graphic Design: Developing visual content such as infographics, logos, and social media graphics.
  5. Photography: Capturing high-quality images to use in digital or print media.
  6. Social Media Content: Creating posts, stories, and live sessions tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  7. Webinars and Online Courses: Educating and engaging with an audience through instructional content.
  8. E-books and Written Guides: Writing longer-form content to provide comprehensive coverage on specific topics.
  9. Animation and Motion Graphics: Designing animated content for educational purposes, advertisements, or entertainment.
  10. Email Newsletters: Curating content to update, inform, or entertain subscribers through regular email communication.

You’re reading a combination of 1. and 10. in this post. I’m writing on my website (blog) which will get emailed out to people who have subscribed to learn more about content creation. I’m also starting to focus more on my YouTube channel, which is why this article is a couple of days later than usual (you did notice, didn’t you?).

Here’s my latest video. If you want to see more on content creation and how to keep improving 1% each time then subscribe to the channel and be notified when my new videos come out.

Which should you start with?

In all honesty, I’d recommend starting with the one which makes you feel the most comfortable and to stick to it for 30 days. You need to create a habit in content creation and the easiest way to do that is to create something every day.

You don’t even need a fancy website, you can get started by posting on X, or Facebook, or Instagram. Take a look at what Janis produces regularly on X and how many subscribers he’s grown to

He’s creating great, sharable content and it’s helping to grow his audience.

  • Don’t have skills in design? Start writing content for your site.
  • Don’t like writing? Start a YouTube channel.
  • Don’t like your face (hey, stop putting yourself down), but you can start with a Podcast.

There’s something for everyone and as a content creator – the key is creating a habit.

How do you create a habit of content creation

The biggest thing is stick to a cadence. Aim to publish a new article every week, or every two weeks. If starting a YouTube channel try and get enough content out there to have a new video publishing once (or more) a week.

Make the content great quality and engaging and people will subscribe for more.

How do you overcome writers block?

With the rise of AI it’s easier than ever to come up with a content plan for your website. Below I’ll share a prompt I gave Jetpack AI for creating me a content production schedule for the next 8 issues of Creator Central (this Newsletter).

Hi, please create me a content production schedule for the next 8 issues of my newsletter on content creation. My latest issue is all about content creation for beginners focusing on habit building.

Content Production Schedule for Creator Central Newsletter

Issue #2: Embracing Your Niche in Content Creation

Explore the importance of niche content creation. Provide examples of successful niche creators and offer tips on finding and dominating a specific niche.

Issue #3: Content Creation Tools and Resources

Introduce essential tools for content creators at various stages, from free software to premium services. Highlight resource libraries and creative commons assets.

Issue #4: The Art of Storytelling

Dive into storytelling techniques that captivate readers, viewers, or listeners across all mediums, and demonstrate how a strong narrative can enhance any content.

Issue #5: Interview with a Pro: Secrets from Successful Creators

Feature an interview with an established content creator who can share personal insights and strategies that helped them succeed in the industry.

Issue #6: Monetizing Your Content

Guide beginners through different monetization strategies, from ad revenues and sponsorships to selling their own products or services.

Issue #7: SEO for Content Creators

Provide a simple guide to SEO best practices for increasing the visibility of content and explain how to use analytics to refine content strategy.

Issue #8: User Engagement and Community Building

Discuss how to foster a loyal audience and community around your content, including managing comments, feedback, and building an online presence.

Issue #9: The Future of Content Creation: Trends to Watch

Look ahead to emerging trends in content creation, such as virtual reality, interactive content, and the role of AI in shaping future content.

There, that’s not too tricky is it. I’m not sure I’ll stick exactly to the plan above but this shows you how easy it is to have AI help you with your content creation.

I like to keep the issues I write here written by a human but I’ll certainly use AI to help me come up with ideas to cover as some of the above are nice ideas.

What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from diving into content creation and publishing more content? Is it fear? Is it time? Is it the perfectionist in you meaning you’ll overthink and not produce?

Let me know in the comments below.


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